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Unusual Golf Rules

Professionals and amateur golfers often don’t know that golf has several unusual rules. Most players do not know all the quirky rules that are part of the game. Many players that don’t know these rules often breach them.

Rule 14-6 deals with hitting the golf ball into water. You are playing golf and your golf ball rolls into a pond or stream. If the water is moving you are allowed to try to hit the ball. You are not allowed to wait for the water to move the ball. So you had better run down to the water source and hit it quickly. This rule can be called Moving Golf Ball in Water.

Let’s say the golf ball is gone and you cannot find it no matter how hard you look.Rule 12-1b states that if you hit a golf ball and lose it in grass, sand, or ground covering it costs you two strokes. When you find the ball under some leaves or sand you can only move it slightly so it is visible. This confusing rule is called Searching For a Golf Ball to Identify It Covered by Loose Impediments In a Hazard. Huh?

Rule 13-2 states that wiping dew off your golf ball with your hands or a cloth is a two stroke violation. This means when your an early morning golfer that get up with the birds never wipe off your golf ball off with your hands or a cloth before you hit it.

You and your golf partner are playing golf using similar golf balls. Both of you hit the balls near the same location under a tree. When you get there you don’t know which one is yours or his. What do you do now? Rule 12-2 say that both golf balls are considered lost and you both have to go back and hit them again. Sorry that’s the rules.

What happens when your golf ball ends up landing near a cactus. According to Decision 1-2/10 you can use a towel or cloth to cover your arms or legs to retrieve the ball. You are not allowed to cover the cactus with anything. Ouch!

When a gust of wind blows your golf ball in another direction now what? According to Decision 18-1/2 you can hit the ball from the new locations as long as the wind is natural not artificial induced. The ball must be replace if the breeze is from a fan or machine.

Your a horrible golfer and your golf ball ends up in the clubhouse. Your team mates are laughing as you turn bright red. According to decision 24-2b/14 you can continue the game unless the clubhouse is out of bounds. Open a window or door and take another shot.

Your worst nightmare happens when the club head falls off when you are taking a stroke. What do you do? If your club head fall off during a down swing the stroke is counted. But when it falls off during a back swing it is not counted at all. This is according to Decision 14/2, 14/3.

These are some of the unusual golf rules golfers must deal with in this unique game. Many players do not know the rules and have broken them. Time to memorize and read the rule book again.

Short Game Practice Drills

Practicing the short game in golf is where tournaments are won and lost. The players with the most length in their games are not often the best players because they are lacking in their short game. This article explains a few short game drills that will help players improve their putting and chipping. Being so close to the hole is an advantage for the best player, but they must be well-practiced if they wish to benefit from short play.

#1: Short Play Begins With Putting

Putting is quite difficult because the player must judge distance, power and the slope of the green. The green will alter the course of the shot if the slope has not been judged properly, and players must practice on greens that have a slope. The sloped practice greens that are used for practice have peaks and valleys that are quite easy to see. Someone who prefers to practice on a green must ensure they are checking the slope of the green with every shot.

#2: Power

The power in a shot must be judged based on the distance from the hole and the slope of the green. The slope will stop the shot or speed it up, and the slope will peak the shot as it falls toward the hole. There are quite a few people who will misread their shots when they pick up speed after the peak. Peaks and valleys are difficult to inspect, and the player must learn to use the light in the sky to check the topography.

#3: Chipping

Chipping is difficult because the ball must fly through the air before it lands. The landing of the ball creates speed, and the landing may be too forceful if the shot is taken improperly. Shots that are taken without practice are too hard, and shots that are too short will fall back to the player. The player who is using the proper clubs will see their shots fall back to them less often, and they must use different clubs as they practice. A complete practice session requires the player to check several different clubs before the player is comfortable.

#4: Long Putting

Using a long putter is quite difficult if the player has never used one before. There are long putters that rest against the chest, and they must be swung with a certain amount of power to move the ball. The ball will fall flat if it has not been struck properly, and the owner of the club must ensure it is the proper length. The length of a putter must be measured in the store when it is bought, and the player who has their putters sized properly will see lower scores on every round.

#5: Choosing Clubs

Players who are quite skilled must ensure they have chosen proper clubs for every shot. Their clubs are quite difficult to wield if they are not using each one, and they will learn how to choose the clubs properly as they play on the course. The course itself has different challenges as the players are walking through, and the players who understand how to manage their clubs will play to a lower score.

Golfers who are practicing their short game must ensure they have spent a proper amount of time using each of their clubs. Clubs will perform well when they are chosen using proper criteria, and the owner of the clubs must mark each club for their best performance. The clubs have their own covers that are used to ensure the player may choose them, and the players will have quite a lot of confidence on the course.

How to Practice on the Driving Range

Practicing Properly On The Driving Range 

There are quite a few golfers who make their way to the driving range for a simple practice session, but they must not focus on the driver alone. There are quite a few practice exercises you may complete when you come to the driving range, and this article explains how you may refine your game while standing on the driving range. You have quite a few options when you approach the tee, and you will learn things about your game you may not have known.

#1: Driving The Ball Carefully

You may drive the ball with your strongest club, and you will judge distance as the ball leaves the tee. There are quite a few strokes required to improve your driving distance, and you must practice your stroke over and over again to ensure your swing has improved. An improved swing is developed when you are practicing on a regular basis, and there are quite a few swings you may take that will inform you about your future golf game.

#2: Bring More Clubs

You must bring your golf bag to the range with your irons and woods ready to go. You may practice with your woods and irons, and you may find yourself learning that certain clubs perform better than others. The clubs you carry in your bag all have a purpose that is down to yardage and situation. You must practice the yardage with each club, and you must ensure the yardage changes as you progress from one club to another.

#3: Change Your Swing

You must swing differently with every club, and the driving range aids you in measuring the distance you see in each club. The clubs in the bag will fall into categories that range from your most-favorite to your least-favorite. You may pull out the clubs that you wish to use on the course, and you may organize your bag according to the effectiveness of your practice sessions.

#4: Find The Traps And The Tall Grass

You may practice in the tall grass or the sand traps when you come to the course, and you must ensure you have hit every club in the rough terrain to learn how it performs. Someone who is using the proper clubs will shoot lower scores, and you will save quite a lot of time on the course, and playing a faster game will make you a better partner. There are several people who will want to play with you because you have improved your game, and the speed of play will increase at such a rate that you will complete a course in a couple hours.

#5: Follow Through

You must learn to follow through on your swing, and you will feel more power coming through the club as you complete each swing. You will feel the arc of your swing, and you will change your swing with every practice session. Practice sessions are quite important because they provide you with the opportunity to practice a game you play for business or pleasure.

The game you play must be impressive to your partners, and partners will come back to play with you again. They want to see a player who is quite skilled, and they will do more business with you as they enjoy their rounds with you.

Quick games of golf become possible, and you may play more often during the week as every round finishes faster. Allow yourself the time to practice at the range to expedite your game, and you will know the exact club you must pull out for every situation on the course.

2016 PGA Tour Championship Predictions

It’s now or never for golf’s best in the chase for the FedEx Cup crown. The 2016 PGA Tour Championship is the final event of the season, as the top 30 players will contest for the title at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta on the weekend of September 22nd-25th.

Predicting outcomes in sporting events is a dangerous business, especially in golf. But nevertheless, let’s look at five players that have a good chance to be on top of the leaderboard Sunday evening.

Dustin Johnson

At this point of the tour season, no one should be surprised that Dustin Johnson is the prohibitive favorite to win the PGA Tour Championship this coming weekend. Every aspect of his game is flawless, which has allowed Johnson to be a contender in nearly every tournament he has played this summer. What has separated him from the competition is his touch on the greens. Johnson is coming off an impressive win at the BMW Championship, which was his third tour victory of the year, and finishing at the top of leaderboard this weekend all but sews up the FedEx Cup for him.

Rory McIlroy

A victory in Atlanta will help Rory McIlroy to secure the No. 1 spot on the world’s players ranking or at worst finish in second. 2016 has been a very frustrating year for McIlroy, as he won the Deutsche Bank Championship only to follow that victory up with a disappointing 42nd place finish in the BMW Championship. McIlroy has imploded numerous times in major championship events this year. His best golf has been played on the European Tour, as McIlroy currently ranks third in the race to Dubai. The one positive that he has going for him this weekend is that McIlroy has played extremely well in the past at the East Lake Golf Club, as he finished second in 2014 and tenth in 2012.

Jimmy Walker

2016 has been a memorable year for Jimmy Walker, as he won the final major tournament of the season, the PGA Championship, which firmly established him on the tour. Walker’s run hasn’t stopped there, as he finished third at the Deutsche Bank Championship and tied for 13th place at the BMW Championship. This weekend, Walker must elevate his game once again and show that he’s unruffled by the pressures that come with playing on the tour. It would be a fitting end to his season if Walker could win the PGA Tour Championship.

Brandt Snedeker

Many PGA observers feel Brandt Snedeker is one of the most consistent golfers on the tour, as he has finished in the top ten seven times this season. Plus, Snedeker has won the FedEx Cup in 2012, so a victory in Atlanta will boost his chances of capturing a second crown. Snedeker has been disappointed with his drives off the tee all summer. He’s tried to rectify the situation by working with Butch Harmon on his follow-through. If Snedeker can get his swing into shape, there’s no question he’s a definite threat to win the PGA Tour Championship.

Jhonny Vegas

No longer is Jhonny Vegas the golfer with a cool name; instead, he’s the tour professional that has a chance of winning the PGA Tour Championship. Vegas’s season looked bleak as he failed to qualify for the British Open, but his play turned around at the Rio Olympics. Vegas changed his approach by playing smarter and avoid taking risks from the fairway at all costs. It’s a bit of a longshot, but no golfer is hotter than him heading into Atlanta. Vegas can close the deal if he shoots like his round of 60 at the Barbasol Championship or the final round score of 64 that won the Canadian Open.