Practicing the short game in golf is where tournaments are won and lost. The players with the most length in their games are not often the best players because they are lacking in their short game. This article explains a few short game drills that will help players improve their putting and chipping. Being so close to the hole is an advantage for the best player, but they must be well-practiced if they wish to benefit from short play.

#1: Short Play Begins With Putting

Putting is quite difficult because the player must judge distance, power and the slope of the green. The green will alter the course of the shot if the slope has not been judged properly, and players must practice on greens that have a slope. The sloped practice greens that are used for practice have peaks and valleys that are quite easy to see. Someone who prefers to practice on a green must ensure they are checking the slope of the green with every shot.

#2: Power

The power in a shot must be judged based on the distance from the hole and the slope of the green. The slope will stop the shot or speed it up, and the slope will peak the shot as it falls toward the hole. There are quite a few people who will misread their shots when they pick up speed after the peak. Peaks and valleys are difficult to inspect, and the player must learn to use the light in the sky to check the topography.

#3: Chipping

Chipping is difficult because the ball must fly through the air before it lands. The landing of the ball creates speed, and the landing may be too forceful if the shot is taken improperly. Shots that are taken without practice are too hard, and shots that are too short will fall back to the player. The player who is using the proper clubs will see their shots fall back to them less often, and they must use different clubs as they practice. A complete practice session requires the player to check several different clubs before the player is comfortable.

#4: Long Putting

Using a long putter is quite difficult if the player has never used one before. There are long putters that rest against the chest, and they must be swung with a certain amount of power to move the ball. The ball will fall flat if it has not been struck properly, and the owner of the club must ensure it is the proper length. The length of a putter must be measured in the store when it is bought, and the player who has their putters sized properly will see lower scores on every round.

#5: Choosing Clubs

Players who are quite skilled must ensure they have chosen proper clubs for every shot. Their clubs are quite difficult to wield if they are not using each one, and they will learn how to choose the clubs properly as they play on the course. The course itself has different challenges as the players are walking through, and the players who understand how to manage their clubs will play to a lower score.

Golfers who are practicing their short game must ensure they have spent a proper amount of time using each of their clubs. Clubs will perform well when they are chosen using proper criteria, and the owner of the clubs must mark each club for their best performance. The clubs have their own covers that are used to ensure the player may choose them, and the players will have quite a lot of confidence on the course.