Professionals and amateur golfers often don’t know that golf has several unusual rules. Most players do not know all the quirky rules that are part of the game. Many players that don’t know these rules often breach them.

Rule 14-6 deals with hitting the golf ball into water. You are playing golf and your golf ball rolls into a pond or stream. If the water is moving you are allowed to try to hit the ball. You are not allowed to wait for the water to move the ball. So you had better run down to the water source and hit it quickly. This rule can be called Moving Golf Ball in Water.

Let’s say the golf ball is gone and you cannot find it no matter how hard you look.Rule 12-1b states that if you hit a golf ball and lose it in grass, sand, or ground covering it costs you two strokes. When you find the ball under some leaves or sand you can only move it slightly so it is visible. This confusing rule is called Searching For a Golf Ball to Identify It Covered by Loose Impediments In a Hazard. Huh?

Rule 13-2 states that wiping dew off your golf ball with your hands or a cloth is a two stroke violation. This means when your an early morning golfer that get up with the birds never wipe off your golf ball off with your hands or a cloth before you hit it.

You and your golf partner are playing golf using similar golf balls. Both of you hit the balls near the same location under a tree. When you get there you don’t know which one is yours or his. What do you do now? Rule 12-2 say that both golf balls are considered lost and you both have to go back and hit them again. Sorry that’s the rules.

What happens when your golf ball ends up landing near a cactus. According to Decision 1-2/10 you can use a towel or cloth to cover your arms or legs to retrieve the ball. You are not allowed to cover the cactus with anything. Ouch!

When a gust of wind blows your golf ball in another direction now what? According to Decision 18-1/2 you can hit the ball from the new locations as long as the wind is natural not artificial induced. The ball must be replace if the breeze is from a fan or machine.

Your a horrible golfer and your golf ball ends up in the clubhouse. Your team mates are laughing as you turn bright red. According to decision 24-2b/14 you can continue the game unless the clubhouse is out of bounds. Open a window or door and take another shot.

Your worst nightmare happens when the club head falls off when you are taking a stroke. What do you do? If your club head fall off during a down swing the stroke is counted. But when it falls off during a back swing it is not counted at all. This is according to Decision 14/2, 14/3.

These are some of the unusual golf rules golfers must deal with in this unique game. Many players do not know the rules and have broken them. Time to memorize and read the rule book again.